In advance of the session, we will discuss details (specifics, timing, location, wardrobe) and gain an understanding of your goals for the session. 

Timing will need to take into account both light and scheduling.  The "golden hour" is within an hour of sunrise or sunset and is beautiful lighting for pictures.  However, unless it's a cloudy day, the goal is to mainly avoid midday sun (11am - 4pm).  (Indoor and newborn sessions don't apply to this rule.)  We will meet up at the selected location.

I accept payment at the session or upon invoicing.  Within 3 weeks of shooting, I will provide you with your digital images.


Full Family Session:  $300 for a 1 hour session on location.  Price includes a minimum of 25-40 fully edited digital images*.  I am happy to provide suggestions for locations if you don't have one in mind.  If more than 6 individuals (which can include pets), we can discuss alternate packaging options. 

Mini Family Session:  Sessions will be held periodically throughout the year.  The location and dates will be announced.  Mini sessions are a shorter session (~20 minutes) with 10-15 digital images at an affordable rate.    

Full Newborn Session:  $400.  Price includes minimum 25 fully edited digital images*.  2-3 hours (to allow for time baby to feed, diaper, change and get nice and sleepy).  The session location can be either your home or mine.  It's always best to have some personal items to make it special to your family, like stuffed animals, blankets, hats or booties.  I will also have some items to choose from.   Immediate family, siblings, pets are welcome. 

Mini Newborn Session:  $250.  Price includes 10 fully edited digital images*.  Approximately 1 hour.  In home or studio. 

Maternity & Newborn packages are also available.  

*Digital images included are suitable for up to 8x10 prints.

Prices are subject to change.